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>>he exixit sttegy will be executed ts weekek. >> this ek on "inside washington,"," what is the game planor libya? >> nato allllies have decided to enforce the no-fly zone over libya. >> president obabama catching flak from both sides of the aisl >> the president exceeded his authority. >> the president is injecting us into a civil war that will cost billns odollars. >> t the first anniversary of the health-care law. >> that looks worsehan it then and it is sayingomething. >> i may b 5'2" and wearing yellow suit but i am one tough
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lady. >> the people take back our gornme. >> what is going on at reagan national airport? the towower is apparently not manned. captioneby t nation captioningng institute --wwwww.ncicicap.orgrg-- >> they are not exactly 10 pen pals, but house speaker john boeer this week wrote a letter to president obama. he has questions he said, about the american role in libya, our strategy there, the cost, gaddafi, whether he stays in the. all these concerns point to a fundamental question -- what is our benchmark for success in libya? how do you think the president woululd ask t >> -- answer that evan? >> i wish he would telll us.
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he doesn't have an answer. basically, our policies to get rid d of gaddafi because if we don't, he could a attack the united states. this is a scary crazyzy guy. i worry about domestitic terrorism if we don't get rid of him. obama has not expressed that. he did sort of. who knows? >> what is our benchmark nina? >> am not any clearer t than evann is. this seems to me like the first president bush's war in iraq. we weren't sure exactly what -- our stated goal was to shove him back -- >> get him out of kuwait. >> there was a lot of discussion of whether we should get rid of saddam hussein or not. at is a bit where we are today. can we live with a divided and libya especially, --
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essentially, and force with eight no-fly zone? >> colb >> i am not having as much difficulty understanding this, whether you agree to it -- whether you agree with that are not. the objective is to sp gaddafi from attacking his own people. their security, aircraft back on the ground, protected the civilian populatition. i think they have achieved the limited objective. the question is whether we go from here, but i don't see confusion on the limited objective. >> benchmark osuccess, charles? >> the international community's policy meaning the un opposition, is to protect the population. -- un that proposition, is to protect the population. i don't know ithey used the word "objective," with the president says he has to goo.
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if he doesn't, as evan said, we will have problems at home, we will have lost. the problem is that obama hasas pitched himself to un, the multilateralism, so that we are constrained to go for what the u.n. and international community wants, which is much, much less than what the u.s. wants and needs. >> what if gaddafi does not go? peggy noonan in "the wall street journal closed with a speech rights that we "know what we are against. -- "the wall l street journal" this week rights tha we know what we are against, where we for? >> to set out to kill himim and defeat him just as you could say that we have an ax is the people of three countries, and you oppose those countries --
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axis of el of two countries and you oppose those factors, but you did not go to war with korea becauause it was in the access of evil, or when reagan talks about the evil empir clearly an enemy, but we did not go to war -- >> but this is different. if youto go ill the king, you kill the kining. if you leave him in place, what you have? it partitioned, east and west libya, and for 12 years -- >> we have been at this thing for two days. -- we have at this thing for a few days did what they are doing is degrading, as i follow it his military. >> we uld easily get a stalemate. i don't think it is as likely as gaddafi controls as capital -- >> c continue to degrade his capability. what happens is that some of hihis own people start to --
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>> that should be our objective.. you kill him directly or you encourage people from the inner circle -- >> a it doesn't happen overnight, and b b, i'm not quite so anxious to have open a third front in a war. i think we did see an iraq that it was very difficult with saddam hussein still there but curtis and lived and was the -- kurdistan lived and was the most prosperous -- >> do you want at 12 years of -- >> i would rather have a 12 years of a no-fly zone, that it will use of another war. >> for how long, what are the goals,s, what other coosts, do we have an exit strategy? >> no, no, no, and no. i of a fear that if we box him
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in, he will find a way t to hurt us in the united states domeststic terrorism. >> pam 1 03. is that enough to know the guy right there? -- nail the guy right there? >> good questis to ask boehner asked good questions. remember we h had the lovely little warn grenada? a number of questions never got answered. >> that came on the heels of the explosion of the marine barracks in beit. >> that wasas a harmless, pretend a little show war. guys like eisenhower and reagan undeodrstood this, you did little things to show your strength. you only did the big ones if you are serious. >> that is the b big issue he, is obama is serious?
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i had a lot of questions about getting into this in the first is ass did obama, as did secretary gates. obama in the end d made a decision -- we are going in. but now his position is we ought to leave. >> that is -- >> you just heard him say in that clip that our exit straty is executed this week. >> what is his exit strategy? >> the u.s. has special capabilities that will still be of use in that war. >> there are two parts of this war, the easy part, the no-fly zone which nato has and the other part, continuing to protect thcivilian population, which apparently w have. >> notes on the ground.
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>> after century of f the striving after a year of debate after a historic vote, health care reform is no longer an unmet promises. it is the law of the land. >> march3, 2010, after the health-care law passed. state governors had sued the obama administration to block and limitation of the law. they argue that the individual mandate is unconstitutional. nina, what will this go to the supreme court? >> the late fall at the earliest and be decided at a 2012. >> whihich way? [laughter] >> i am not 100% sure, but the one group of people that has accepted that this is going to happen, and i'm the only person here who lives this every day by
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marriage our doctors and hospitals. ththey are preparing. they are preparing to change the whole system of every dramatically. some of them are scared, some of them are loong forward to it, but theyre preparing. >> you asked which way it will go in the supreme court. it depends on which it said that anthony kennedy gets upn that morning, since he is -- which side of the bed at the kennedy gets up on that one, since he is king of the united states. >> the law of intended consequences takes in here because you have republicans controlling the house and prching repeal. a recent poll by the kaiser family foundation said that oy 40% of people want to see it repealed. >> there is a cary in the mine shaft, and it is called massachusetts. they basicallyly did this mandated expanded care,hree
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years before the feds, and they are liviving with and now. what happened is he did not save money, it cost a ton of money out of the health care s systems are wrestling with what to do about that, and where they are going is that everybody is going to end up in an hmo in boston. it will be that kind of managed cacare. eventually i guess, that it will get there but iff you want to see what is happening what massachusetts, because they cannot afford it and they are tied in knots. >> mitt romney would rather you didn't. >> it is not a pretty picture. >> a year ago it was hard to see where this was going to end op- ed we have these cost savings -- with this is what you neneed too go up. -- where this was right to end up. we have these cost savings, but you already have the people covered. students on their parents' plans --
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>> and massachuset did not have the same kind of attempts, anyway, at cost savings. we will see how that works, but they did not have the same kinds of the structural things in a single state. >> if nina is right about when this goes to the supremeourt it will be in the middle of a presidential campaign. >> you got it. >> turning some down because of pre-existing conditions -- you want to campaign on that? >> there are pluses and minuses the american pple e are adults and they understand that there will be costs. they also understand that if you want to cover pre-existing conditions they have to go elsewhere everybody understands that if you create a new entitlement -- hold on, nina -- it is going to cost you. there is not a free lunch. all the protestations that there
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are savings is a farce. ordinary people understd that, which is why you that such a strong u unwaverg opposition for a year and a half. >> every single poll as the american people strongly, by large, large majority, favoring all the goodies and not the -- >> of course. who would oppose a goodie? if somebebody offers you asking for nothing -- >> well, there is no freree lunch -- >> they make the case for the cost and if you have to wait the benefits and costs, the public opinion result is that people oppose it generally. >> i likee the reference to ordinary people understanding this -- >> it is intuitive. you don't have to go into details and actuararial tables. you areoing to give an entitlement to 30 million people --
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>> if the date and out in the emergency room and getting charitable care from the rest of us, it might save money. >> nina is right about one thing, a washington, d.c., there is
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>> together, we will restore eric >> i am in for 2012 in that i want to be part of the composition of making sure that president obama only serves one at term. >> that is minnesota congresswoman michelle bachmann with jonathan karl of abc. she was in ioiowa this week following last week's visit to new hampshire. she raise millions in her last campaign. she was born in iowa, conservative, born again and so
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forth. 60% of iowa caucus-goers identify themselves as evangelical. what about tim pawlenty? >> competentnd two-term governor of minnesota. he is sort of the second choice of everybody. he is not somebody that republicans are on fire about but he carries the least amount of baggage of at the major candidates. with romney, you have health care in massachusett. gingrich a lot of stuff in his past. with other candidates -- palinin for example, has high negatives. he is reasonably anodyne, has no negatives as far as i can see. he might emerge if the others knock each other out. >> jonathan marn writes mitt romney is ing to do a slow
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slog and raise the money -- >> romney has romycar. i don't see what he does about that. >> is anybody make your heartrt beat faster? [lauter] >> this a year where there is not fantastic enthusiasm for anyone. that is why you might get republicans reaching into the next generation, the ones who might be running in 2016, like chriristie in w jersey. all the other guys have not exactly made my heart beat faster, i'd go with it christie. >> there are republicans that nobody has heard of. mitch daniels of indiana brilliant governor who is directly taking on fiscal probms. jon huntsman, nobody has heard of him, but apparently a great guy -- >> ambassador to china. >> evenn haley barbour, he has
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baggage but he has been in the sausage factory. >> four years ago we were talking about mccain and huckabee and all of a sudden rudy giulianani jumped up there and he lookedt his numbers in iowa and new hampshire, and he said "i will wait until florida." th he was never heard fm again until the republican national convention. >> we will probably see a repeat of some of that. it is important for people like michelle bachmann to g in early. a very attractive figure, a celebrity in the republican party. she generates a lot of enthusiasm. she does not have the baggage sarah palin h has -- >> she will. >> she is the one who thought the battle of the revolutionary war started in new hampshire. >> she has problems, she does not have the high negatives palin has. >> there has been more than once where she has asserted a big
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fact that became big news and it turned out to be false. >> it apparently doesn't bother people because bachmann and huckabee have the most intense followings among republicans what they call positive intensity. >> huckabee is having a good time he has a successful show on fox, building a house in florida. he does not need this. he would be nice if he ran. mitch daniels is a great governor and would be a good president. i don't t think he is going to run. you are goioing to be left with people who don't have the ggage. barbour has that baggage. he has the lobbying and stuff that will make it difficult. in the end it will be the least offensive candidate. >> we are in ree warand nobody likes it. we havee the h health care thing republicans taking overr the house, and yet the president
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does not seem to be vulnerable at this point? >> his personal popularity is still in the 50's. his favorables are pretty good, especiallyly matched againstst others in. >> his reelect numbers are in the mid-to-high-forties. >> in the last seveven years -- >> the republican party does not want to flirt with really reistic candidates who could beat him. that is the problem with the republican party now. when a candidate like michelle babachmann is a realistic possibility, it is trouble for the party. >> unlike al sharpton, for example? >> no, exactly like al sharpton. >> ithe last seven yearsrs only twice has an incumbent president lost reelection. it is very h hard to d
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>> fair enough.
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>> the tower is apparently unmanned. i called all the funds, and nobody is answering. >> that is interesting. >> yeah, that is interesting. two airliners after midnight tried to contact the tower at reagan natioional airport. what is going on here, evan? >> i love how cool the pilots are. "well there's nobody there." what is not reassuring is that there was nobody there. we have been rough on a public employees, but one group that i hope to better our air traffic controllers. >> the guy was asleep. >> i don't know where he was asleep, but he did not hear the phone, for example. this says about cuts and public
9:27 am
services. an entire generatio of air traffic controllers have reached retirement age so we are getting new ones. it is expensive to train them, and we're not up to snuff on. we had only one guy there. i could see that if he was woworking too many hours, he might have fallen off to sleep, he shouldn't have- >> they ought to put somebody else -- >> they ought to puit to people there. nina's vision is to spen more money. you want to know my solution? red bull intravenously. [laughter] >> budget cuts or not, if you are on duty, you stay awake. you don't, you get fireded. let's not complicate this thing. two people could fall asleep as well. two pilots could fall asleep in thelane. remember that one?
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>> that was seconds away from the pentagon and white house and capipitol. >> after 9/11, there were thoughts of closing it permanently. >> you will never do that. it is too close to capitol hill. >> and i want to use it. >> nina wants to use it. see you next week.
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